is essential.  (mHBOT) Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy exponentially increases the level of oxygen in the blood plasma to improve functional and cognitive abilities.

Putting the pieces TOGETHER!

There is a method to address the causative factors of ASD. There is a lot you CAN do to help your child.  Ask us about the pieces, which create a Comprehensive Care Plan.



“Autism is medical not mental and therefore IS treatable.”

Dr. Philip DeMio, MD

mHBOT- A tradition of Safety.


Oxyhealth chambers are the leading in the industry. The Vitaeris  320 is spacious enough for two people.

mHBOT – A biomedical intervention


Dr. Philip DeMio is one physician revolutionizing care for those living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. He is the director and founder of the Autism Medical Board.

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Infrared Sauna

FIR Infrared Sauna for heavy metal detox, lyme disease, autism, and rheumatoid arthritis..


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